10th ss clothes

The 10th Anniversary of Software School of FDU

2013 年 1 月 17 日

Big school events always make me love and hate them at the same time. While it is one of those rare moments when a design enthusiast like me can actually feel needed, it also can be a real torment both physically and mentally. School teachers’ typical underestimation of  the efforts required to implement a design often lead to unreasonable deadlines. Moreover, their obsession with proving their authority by commanding you to alter your design for no reason adds to the torture.

Last year was the 10th since the foundation of Software School of Fudan University. To promote the celebration, I designed a T-shirt, a logo, a series of posters, and even directed, shot and edited a video for it. Fortunately, despite the unbelievable amount of work, I almost had the full freedom to realize my ideas, which I was really grateful for.


By the way, if you are interested in the T-shirt Mockup I use here, you can grab it on Graphicriver.

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