Saturday Night Party Flyer

Saturday Night Party Flyer

2013 年 8 月 14 日

On each of the online design community, there seems to be a dominant style among its members.

For Dribbble, it’s the overwhelming advocate for details and realism (Flat style and long shadows seem to become also trendy on Dribbble recently, don’t know if they will replace the realism someday…).

For graphicriver, I think it’s the bling bling night club flyers. Looks like nearly 60% of the night club flyers on GR features a sexy model in the center being the focus, with surroundings of sparkling disco balls and maybe some palm trees.

I love wandering around these online communities and meanwhile absorb different styles into my own design. And this flyer might reflect the impact Graphicriver has on me best.

This flyer is also exclusively for sale on Graphicriver. You can get it here if you like it.

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