iPhone 5C Mockups

iPhone 5c Mockups

2013 年 8 月 12 日

This item includes 3 views (1 front view and 2 angled views) of the latest iPhone 5c.

Instead of creating a new file for each color option, This time I employed a new strategy of changing colors. As the shades and lights are isolated from the base color, now one can easily switch the color by choosing the corresponding color layer or even create a phone with a new custom color simply by inserting another color layer.


I’m so excited to announce that I have contributed this item to the book: Mastering App Presentation by the amazing designer Jane Portman!

From this book you will learn the best design practices and a lot of effective techniques that can help you master presenting your UI design. The content is very down to earth and practical, so I recommend this book to everybody!

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